Saturday, August 4, 2012


this is a term v heard for 129031824876 times for 2 weeks.
dermatologist is really not my cup of tea.. ya, its very fancy coz professional dermatologist in Malaysia is very rare species in here and it works 8-5 nice quality of life, medication given almost the same : emollients, steroids, a/b, KNMO4 etc.

BUT! the lesion is too disgusting for me! i had phobia of a group of tiny same shaped items arranged neatly together. BULLAE, PAPULE, VISICLES... gosh. u are digesting. i got goose bump every time seeing~ so, haha... dermatologist, u are hero!

derm, two weeks short posting, not difficult yet nice to went through, now at least v works as GP then won't simply misdiagnose. REFER, REFER and REFER! haha~

thanks for these simple nice 2 weeks and spent to most in these two weeks.
continuos shopping makes me broke.

oh~ derm, how adorable u are.