Saturday, August 4, 2012


this is a term v heard for 129031824876 times for 2 weeks.
dermatologist is really not my cup of tea.. ya, its very fancy coz professional dermatologist in Malaysia is very rare species in here and it works 8-5 nice quality of life, medication given almost the same : emollients, steroids, a/b, KNMO4 etc.

BUT! the lesion is too disgusting for me! i had phobia of a group of tiny same shaped items arranged neatly together. BULLAE, PAPULE, VISICLES... gosh. u are digesting. i got goose bump every time seeing~ so, haha... dermatologist, u are hero!

derm, two weeks short posting, not difficult yet nice to went through, now at least v works as GP then won't simply misdiagnose. REFER, REFER and REFER! haha~

thanks for these simple nice 2 weeks and spent to most in these two weeks.
continuos shopping makes me broke.

oh~ derm, how adorable u are.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


it has been a long time I'm x here...
hmm~ i don't know how and where to start from..
so far I'm so good.. I'm final year now. when approaching exam, I'm sure every student do feel scare!

so fast, it's 5th year.

a lot of things happened around me for these past half year i guess... a lot! i really mean it! LOTS!
i went through many things as well,
i finished my 4th year,
i went to Taiwan,
I'm still with him, we do fight and break, we mend back as well.

I'm getting matutre.
I'm getting more quiet.

friends around me, break, in relationship, divorce, married, pregnant.
someone beloved passed away.
macam macam ada.
many friends' bloodspot privatize dy.. perhaps, I'm too outdated not visiting blogspot quite sum times.

I'm had my car.
move to new house.

many many more...

stay turn and catch me up back.
hopefully~ =)

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I have no idea what had i done throughout this posting...
almost 7 week ady..
i kinda lost and no confidence at all~

NEVER hav such experience...

i dislike this posting and the life now..
but what to do,

u choose to be medical student.

if im not a medical student..
how will be my life now~ T.T

almost more than 50% MS regretted step into this carrier..
le sigh~

today is winter solstice!!!
happy tang yuan day to all~
haha... remember last year today... is a sad day. a sad month filled with arguement. =(

but one year,
i grown up ady!

CHRISTMAS this week!!!!
ooh~ so fast...

i always think of this romantic season...
is winter time...
is time with love and snow...
with light and joy~

2011 end soon, 2012... the end of the world. lols

lets make a new wish ba~ *wink

happy winter solstice
merry Xmas

Sunday, December 11, 2011


oh~ recently i very bad luck... that's y mood a bit down down down...

but hopefully now all over again...
good luck come back to me la! ^^

i calculate calculate...
i have 4 months x back bidor house liao...
omg~ u cant imagine just a within 2 hours journey.. i never back for 4 months!!!!
i wonder how my house changed. how my stupid puppy be.

really not my cup of tea.. perhaps i x good in internal medicine..
5th week to be... haizz... how to brush up?
scare... +.+

ah ha~~~ DECEMBER ady!!!
but will be a pokai Xmas...
coz.. i shopped alot... oopss... i shud say WE shopped alot. lols
CNY x scare no clothes liao..
BUT!!! i still wanna shop...
this is horrible man! i pokai... but still think of wanna buy things and go out... LOL
cannot be cannot be... hmm...

white Xmas... bye bye...
here come Red CNY ba! ^^

Monday, November 28, 2011


halo guys~
long time x update here dy!

i m fine!
juz finished OnG posting and currently 3rd week of paeds..

i dint study much..
and i know nthg.
i x really like internal medicine actually..

sure.. im missing OnG which i know what to do and what to read.

ya~ that is jayanthi... my penyu! im not turning that black yet. oopss.. hahaha~

i have no idea with paeds...
how? 3rd week ady! >< haizz~ god bless me can pass this toughest posting... im looking forward a happy CNY and elective! =)
tada~ 2nd week paeds... i hav severe AGE and admitted to PKU for drip.

planning for a shopping with him actually but end up in PKU and i dead for 2 days.

luckily AGE last week... and tada!
these all my year end sale resultsss! woohooo~
spent like ki siao
and im broke now!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

we are drunk!

TENSION study!


ki siao ady~~~ XD

Saturday, November 5, 2011

end posting exam soon